Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wonderful Weaving

Weaving is a classic activity for developing fine motor skills in young children.
It's also fun and super creative.
There are many ways for children to weave that are quite simple to prepare.
I'd like to share some that I have done with you
Ages: 2+
I created a weaving frame for Miss M from a picture frame insert that we did not use in the frame.
Measure out spaces for making slits in the frame for help hold the string stay in place.
Cut small slits (approx 1cm) into the outside edge of the frame at marked intervals.
Thread your string through the slitts and tape at the back. I used clothes line string which is quite a bit thicker, but the slits are important to hold the string in place. 
Now collect some materials for weaving. You can use so many things. Paper strips, crepe paper, tissue paper, magazine pages, ribbons, materials, pipecleaners.
It looks realy good if you use a variety of these things with different widths.

At almost 3 Miss M needed quite a bit of assistance with this particularly at the beginning. Even so, she was completly enthralled in this task and
delighted in selecting new pieces to weave.
Weaving can be tiring for little fingers!
This was enough for today, but that's ok we may do some more tomorrow or the next day or the next...
Here are some other ways for little fingers to weave
This is just some unused shelving.
Supervision is required to make sure it doesn't tip over during the weaving.
You could use, chicken wire fencing or any similar type.
Be careful of sharps bit's of metal.
Why not decorate a crate!
See those little fingers working
A colanader and pipecleaners is alot of fun too!
This is a simple and very effective weaving frame!
All you need is to find an appropriate stick from your garden/ park
Tie some wool and wrap around to create a fun weaving frame!
You could even weave with leaves, long grass, twigs and other things from the garden!
I have a set of 8 of these A4 sized weaving frames made from sturdy card and string that I use as a learning centre in my classroom. Children can work individually on weaving!
A little extra: get children to work together on weaving tasks. They can work as partners, small or larger groups depending on the weaving task. Children of various ages can work together also.
You can create large scale weaving frames using furntiture.
Happy weaving!
Enjoy and Play,

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  1. I'm looking through your blog and loving your originality. We weave, but traditionally. I Love your spin - especially using a milk crate. Brilliant!