Friday, 19 October 2012

Cherubs cous cous Sand

If your little one is anything like mine (puts EVERYTHING in his mouth), then sandpits are most likely out of the question for awhile.
This is a super fun, alternative sensory experience that will have your little using all their senses.
Oh, and it's safe and yummy to eat!
Age: 6months +
All you need is some cou cous.
Any brand will do and prepare as packaging suggests.
If you'd like to add a twist to this sensory experience you could add some herbs or spice like ginger, parsley or basil.
I made up 2 cups of dry cous cous as I wanted quite alot.
I have also done a similar experience with a smaller amount in the highchair.
Looks good enough to play with!
I left it in a bowl to start with to see what the H man would do with it.
I put it and him in a plastic tub to keep it all contained.
Oooh whats this!
Make sure your little one is clean, fresh nappy, clean hands and feet etc. I would of put him in with just a nappy on however it was just a touch cool.
Grabbing handfuls!
Straight in the mouth!
Sprinkle, sprinkle
Miss M wanted a play too.
Why not sprinkle it all over your little brothers head!
If you squish it you can mould it!
What is this stuck to my fingers?
I helped him stand up so he could feel it on his feet.
It was just hard to take a photo
Play on a high chair tray with smaller amounts.
Add herbs or spices for flavour and scent.
Mix vegie puree through it and finger paint!
Have lot's of fun!
Enjoy and Play


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  1. We love eating cous cous and always have a huge box of it around, so will have to try this out. And what a super amazing cubby house that is! Wow :-)