Friday, 19 October 2012

Frame it Collages

Miss M loves doing collages. Here's an alternative way to create pictures that can be done again and again. It does not require glue and can be done with materials that are tricky to glue or cannot be glued.
The frame really helps their work standout and gives them an area to work within however is not neccessary!
I love the ikea frames and they're really cheap!
I simply take the backing and plastic cover off and just use the wood frame!
I also like to get some felt to work on. It makes a great background, offers a different texture to paper and holds or grips the objects nicely.
This is also not neccessary
We reused our basket of natural objects collected from the garden from our nature dough!
Carefully placing the items where she wants them and telling me what she's doing at the same time.
I ask questions to get a deeper level of understanding and to challenge her. She's using these objects to represent real things. The white flowers are clouds, one of the rocks is a sun, the smaller rocks are grass and she's making a tree.
Interesting that she is using objects found in the outdoors to create an outdoor scene.
You could use any number of objects to create pictures.
Here we have some glass pebbles or wishing stones!
We played a recognition game with letters and numbers.
We took it in turns to make letter or number shapes with the pebbles and the other had to say what letter or number it was. In my case guess as it wasnt always obvious what letter she tried to make, however this M was very impressive!
You could use more commercial objects to make your pictures also, popsticks, matchsticks, pipecleaners, pompoms, buttons, jewels etc
The best part is you can make your pictures again and again and again.
Take photos of your child's collages as memories and type up or add text of what they said about their picture in their own words.
They will make great keepsakes and memories.
Have fun,
Enjoy and Play


  1. This is just a lovely idea, my 33 month old would love it, thank you.

  2. I'm glad you like it and I hope your little one enjoys it. Let me know how you go!