Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sticky Toy Fun

Looks like Fun!

Once your baby has mastered the skill of picking up their toys, offer them this engaging game that makes it a little more challenging.

You'll need some clear contact stick side face up.
I taped the corners down with some stickytape, however it's not neccessary.

Stick a variety of small toys to the contact.
Choose toys and objects that will be appealing for you baby.
Choose objects of various textures and shapes.

The H man crawling over to discover what this could be!

Watch them discover the sticky sensation.
See how they problem solve and offer assistance if they get frustrated when removing any of the toys.
As always, talk about what they are doing, seeing, feeling- be a commentator!

It can get quite tricky trying to get some of those toys!

But so rewarding when he get's somehting off!
Straight to the mouth, so remember supervision at all times.

Getting his foot stuck was interesting, funny and provided another problem to be solved!

Happy Sticky Fun
I hope you and your babies enjoy,


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