Friday, 5 October 2012

Hide 'n' seekin fun for the under ones

Babies love Peekaboo games as it mimics what they are beginning to understand about the world, that things still exist when they cannot be seen. Try this fun game with your baby 6month +

You'll need some small and interesting items.
I used small balls with bells in them as the H man really loves balls and the bells added and extra sensory experience.
You'll also need two 'hiding' places.
I started with 2 plastic cups in different colours!
Now get your babies interest in the item you plan to hide.
 Then hide the object underneath one of the cups.
 Make sure your baby can see which cup it is hidden underneath!
Then let your baby delight in finding the object giving lots of verbal encouragement and talking to your baby about what they are doing, seeing and hearing the entire time.
Repeat hiding the ball under the same (blue) cup at least three times. Your baby will quickly learn and remember "pick up the blue cup and I'll find the ball"!
After hiding the ball under the same cup for at least three times, hide the ball under the other cup (red). Make sure your baby sees you hiding it under the other cup and watch and see what they do!!
They may go straight for the orignal (blue) cup as they now associate the blue cup with the ball. Show them that the ball is now under the red cup!
You can try the same using pieces of fabric as the hiding place!
On this day H man just wanted to eat them!!
However, he eventually found the ball!!
Happy Hiding Everyone
I hope you enjoy!

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