Monday, 8 October 2012

Home made weekly calendar for kids!

This is a simple weekly overview that I have made to use at home.
There is so much learning that takes place and new langauge encouraged simply by talking about the days of the week, yesterday, tomorrow, the weather and your weekly outings.
I would recommend doing something similar in every household with young children.
I've also used similar styles in the classroom.
I would like to share what I particularly like about this calendar
1. I've made it on a magnetic whiteboard so not only can you use magnets to highlight areas and attach all the bits you can also add text with whiteboard markers. It easily wipes off, ready to start again.
2. You will notice all the teddy bears that have the days of the week names on their bellies are the same colour. Early childhood educators will always make alphapbet cards, number cards and sight word cards on the same colour background. This is done so that colour does not add an influence when recognising the word. For example if Sunday was red, Monday was blue, Tuesday was green etc then children may simply recognise the day of the week by the colour and if they saw the word in a different setting they may no longer recognise it.
3. The today, yesterday and tomorrow hats are lots of fun and children love moving them each morning. It provokes wonderful conversations!
4. Rather than having days of the week cards, date numbers and month cards to arrange to make the days date, I prefer writing it on with a whiteboard marker. Writing for your child daily is wonderful modelling. Show them how to write the full date in words and in numbers.
5. If your child is beggining to write they can have a go at writing the date themselves on the board! This is what I'd do in my classroom. If they need they can use word cards to copy and support them with this task.
6. You can add cards of regular weekly activities such as playgroup and swimming under the days these events happen.
7. There is space to include details about the weather. It has pictures to represent different types of weather and temperature, text and also space for modelling more writing! Make talking about the weather a daily thing, over breakfast, on your morning walk, at the end of the day... whenever.

8. There is space at the bottom to write in extra things that are happening on different days.
(Miss M will be starting 3yrold pre kindy in 2013 hence the drop off kindy forms)
I hope that you have been able to take something from this and can implement it in your own homes.
Please let me know if you try any of this or please share what you do in your homes!
Thanks, Katey
Happy Birthday Poppy
we love you xx

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  1. love this:) thanks for sharing. Where did you get the bears?