Monday, 8 October 2012

Shopping Bag Kites

The one thing about plastic shopping bags is that they catch the wind easily and less often these days (thankfully) are seen blowing around. Even with reusable cloth shopping bags, we all end up with a few plastic shopping bags from time to time. Your children will love turning them into kites that fly really easily!
You will need
a plastic shopping bag
some string
collage scraps- tissue paper etc
sticky tape
Decorate the bag by sticking on any bits and pieces you wish.
Show your child how to use sticky tape, it can be very tricky to manage for little fingers.
Sticky tape works better than glue for this one.
Use permament markers to draw designs on your kite
Make a tail for your kite
Tie one end of your string to the handles of your shopping bag.

Tie a handle in the other end
Ready to fly
This is especially fun to do on a windy day!
Talk about the wind and how it help the kite to fly!
Have fun,

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