Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What's in the bag? Investigate touch

Miss M has been very interested in investigating her senses lately.
Through investigating her senses she is becoming more self aware of her own body as well as the world around her.
In this post I share how we investigated our sense of touch.
I have a wonderful surprise box that I use in my classroom and my 4 and 5yrolds love it!
At just 3, Miss M was not so keen to put her hand in this one.
Her sense of real and imaginery is not as well developed just yet.
I also have a wonderful surprise bag, but it was too big for what I had planned.
We used simple paper bags bought at the supermarket.
These bags can be reused for a number of art ideas.
I numbered the bags 1-5 so Miss M could choose and name which bag she wanted to investigate first!
Choose items of different textures, sizes and shapes from around the house to put inside each bag.
Ideas Include: loofah, sponge, scourer, rice, pebbles, brick, utensils, soap, soft toys, pegs. You can put wet items like slime, water, goop in small bowls inside the bags. The ideas are endless just make sure you have a variety of textures for your child to touch and explore.
The temptation to peek first is common.
Explain that they are going to use only their sense of touch to guess
what the object in the bag is. We aren't going to use our eyes to see,
but we are going to use our hands to touch.
Reassure your child that it is safe for them to put their hands
inside if they seem hesitant.
Have them predict what they think they might feel inside to prepare
them for the experience.

Hmmm what could it be?
Your child may want to whip the item out straight away.
Remind them that we are keeping it inside the bag so that we only use our hands to touch and not our eyes to see.
Ask them about what they can feel, don't just get them to guess.
Is it hard, soft? Wet or dry? Rough or smooth? What shape is it?
Can you feel any parts or pieces?
Ask older children to describe the object they are touching.
This activity couldn't be simpler, how bout giving it a try!
You can do it again and again with different objects.
Fantastic for developing Descriptive Language
A little extra~
  • When exploring touch I like to go outside. There are so many sensations and opportunities to experience touch. Children can feel the wind on their skin and in their hair. Touch grass, plants (as long as they are safe), trees, bark, paving, water etc.
  • Hands on Sensory experiences are great like this one ,

  • Younger children and babies will love this,

Baby treasure box
Always supervise babies when they are playing.
I hope you enjoy exploring the sense of touch with your little ones.
Play and Learn,
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