Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Books on a trampoline!

I was inspired to write this post after seeing The Little Book Adventure
Project #9 Discover new places to read
by My Little Bookcase
They're after interested readers to share the different and unusual places they read with their children and encourage you to find new places to share the magic of books!
Reading on the tramp is something Miss M and I enjoy doing on beautiful mornings or afternoons.
On this day, 10 month old H man joined us also.
He loves books too!!!
Choose some of your children's favourite books.
Children love to re read their favourites.
We like to pick books with outdoor themes when reading in the outdoors, like this one
LITTLE CLOUD by Eric Carle
When we finished reading we laid back on the tramp and looked at the clouds, looking for shapes and pictures!
Could we spot any shapes from the book??
 There's not much I enjoy more than sharing the magic of stories with my children, no matter where that may be!
Finding new places to read can enrich the book sharing experience and provide links to the real world for your child!

 Youcould extend this by doing some cotton wool ball cloud art
See how you can tie in some maths in my facebook album cloud math
Miss M also loves to read her most familiar and favourite books to her toys inside her tent which we set up inside to house all her soft toys!
 I keep a basket of her favourite books in there.
I hope that this has inspired you to find new places to share books.
If you have any you'd like to share please check out the link to My Little Bookcase above and follow the directions.
Play and Learn,

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  1. Thanks for taking part in The Little Book Adventure.

    The trampoline looks like the perfect place to read Little Cloud. You all look so happy.

    There are two books we have here, where the illustrators have created images in the skyline out of clouds. You might like to explore them: The Carrum Sailing Club, and Clancy and Milly and the Very Fine House.