Wednesday 28 November 2012

Foorprint Reindeer ~ Christmas Wrapping Paper

This has to be the cutest idea for making your own wrapping paper and it was honestly super easy to do!!

It suits absolutely all ages from tiny newborns to big kids and even adults.
It's easy and quick to make quite a bit of wrapping paper so you'll have those presents wrapped in no time!!

You will need

long strip of paper- I used about 1.5 metres
cut off from a roll of easel paper purchased at Ikea.

Paint of whatever colours you like.
Miss selected her choice of 'Christmas colours'
which included red, green and of course pink!

Trays for the paint, big enough for your child/ren to step in.

A tub or bucket with warm soapy water for washing feet

A towel for drying feet/ optional

It was a windy day so we needed some brick pavers to hold everything down but it's a good idea anyway to place something on the strip of paper so it stays put tight as your children walk along it.

As an Early Childhood teacher I have done quite a bit of footprint art and this is the best way I have found to set it up.

Children who are walking can easily step into a tray of paint then step onto the paper and walk along it to the other side where they then step into the tub of water to clean their feet before coming back for another colour. Of course they don't have to wash their feet if your, you could make some gorgeous two toned reindeer's.

If you wanted your reindeer's facing both ways they could step into the paint and walk back.

Make sure that your strip of paper isn't too long that the paint wears of before they get to the end. 1.5metres is good.

You can easily do this with non walking children and babies also.
My 11 month old giggled the whole time as I held him as he stepped into the paint and I took prints off his feet.

I wasn't able to get a photo of the H man making his prints as you can imagine, however you can see his little footprints next to his sisters.

We had soooo much fun doing this that we made about 6metres of wrapping paper!
I just kept adding another strip from the roll!
Miss M did not want to stop but hey, now I have enough wrapping gorgeous wrapping paper to well and truly last.

Some might even get framed I think!!!

I think just like this is pretty cute and any relative would love to get a gift wrapped with these precious footprints.

You could also do hands prints!

To turn those precious footprints into reindeer's simply draw with black marker some eyes and antlers. We added sticky dots as the nose.

Personally I think this would even look better if your little one drew the antlers and the eyes. There's nothing quite like a child's representation. Miss M was happy enough sticking on her sticky dots as noses!

Of course she wanted to go swimming in the tub didn't she!
Filled it up with fresh water and there went another hour for one very happy and busy little girl!

I hope you enjoy,

Play and Learn


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  1. So easy but so sweet. We're making our own cards this year so may as well go the whole hog and make the paper too :D Besides, I know my kiddies would LOVE getting their feet all messy. Can't quite guarantee they would stop at their feet though….oh well… abstract art :D

  2. This is adorable & I bet they had a blast making it!