Sunday, 18 November 2012

Discover wet and dry = sensory play

Children respond better to learning experiences when more of their senses are involved.
Sensory experiences are wonderful opportunities for learning and they are so much fun!
On this day we were investigating wet and dry!
Goop is a wonderful sensory recipe for learning wet and dry.
It has been one of Miss M's favourite things to do since she was around 15months!
 We started with 2 large storage container lids.
Fill one with cornflour.
Let your children touch and play with the dry cornflour.
Talk about how it feels, what happens when you pick it up, when you drop it and when you blow it. How does it feel on your skin?
Miss M (3yrs) was reluctant to play with the dry cornflour but she happily used a paintbrush to draw shapes and pictures in it.
This is similar to using a
We also filled a 2nd large storage container lid with a little water.
It's hard to see the water but what a surprise for H man discovering it is wet!

He climbed straight in.

Taking a closer look.
He actually put his face and mouth right in. For babies, using their mouth is their favourite way to discover. This is because the sensations in the mouth are more highly developed in babies. For older babies, sensations from teething gums draws the babies attention to the mouth.
I added bottle tops to the water as a little extra experience and to stop him eating the grass lol!

We added some water to the cornflour.
Now is it wet or dry?
To Make Goop
Just like with most of my cooking I don't tend to follow exact amounts when making goop.
All you need is,
food colouring
The more cornflour you use the more goop you will make. Simply add small amounts of water at time and play. You will understand as you play the strange and wonderful sensation that is goop! You will be able to judge when you have enough water. Be careful not to add too much but if you do, simply add more cornflour.
Unlike the dry cornflour, Miss M loved the sensation of the goop!
What happens when you pick up the goop?
You must try this!
I was surprised H man didn't get into the goop as much, he was happy with the water and bottle tops.
 Had to try this sensation out with our feet also!
 Make sure to,
  • Talk about what your children are doing, give them the language that represents what they are doing. Providing them with new vocabulary.
  • Ask questions about what your child is doing, feeling, seeing and experiencing. Give them time to answer. 
  • Ask predictive questions, what do you think will happen if...? If your child struggles with this model for them "I think maybe..."
  • Test it out and see
  • Follow your child's lead and where they want to take the play
  • Let them get messy and explore all their senses, this is safe and non toxic.
For more sensory play ideas for toddlers and babies you may be interested in
Play and Learn
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