Monday, 5 November 2012

Textured, Sensory Baby Crawl!

Babies love to explore and get into everything!
(usually everything they know they are not meant to have)
They love to touch and discover knew things!
If your little one is adventurous like mine you may want to try this one out with them.
Suitable age: crawlers, although, my 3yrold had heaps of fun with this also
Learning/ Skills:
Exploration of the senses
Gross Motor development
Collect a range of blankets, fabrics and materials in different textures. Once you start looking you will realise you have heaps of options.
I've used a fleece blanket, fluffy blanket, bathmat, net material, snakeskin fabric, corrugated place mat, wooden place mat and a padded chair insert.
Lots of textures there!
I also used a beanbag for added challenge and some fluffy ball cushions.
You could use couch cushions.
I also added some extra sensory items for the H man to discover!
You'll also need a large floor space.
Now the fun begins!
Arrange your materials and objects to make a fun and wonderous area to explore.
Miss M (3yr's) loved helping make this for her little brother!
Here he comes!
The discovery went on and on!
Everywhere he looked, everywhere he went there was something new to find!
Miss M wanted to have a go too!

Be sure your little one has bare feet!

Remember: always supervise your baby
Play and Learn


  1. This is great Katey!

  2. I am the editor of a free parenting magazine The True Power Of Parenting - and our nest issue is themed around education. I love the concept of play based learning and like your simple yet engaging perspectiveI. was wondering if you'd be interested in contributing an article like this one to the next issue? if so could you please drop me a line I am thrilled to see you are an aussie like me ...
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