Monday, 18 March 2013

Make it 5! Simple Numeracy game


Make it 5... or 3 or 6 or 10!
This is a super simple to prepare numeracy game that is completely adaptable to suit many abilities and can be made many different ways.
Suitable ages: approx 3-6 years.
Can be simplified and extended to suit the level of your child
Learning Opportunities:
Number recognition
Counting and one to one correspondence- counting each object just once.
Knowing the last number tells 'how many'
Subitising- knowing how many items without counting
(children from 3 can generally do this to their age)
Counting on- for example, starting at 3 and counting 4, 5, 6 etc
Simple addition- how many ways can you make ...?

As Easter is fast approaching I used an egg shape, however you don't necessarily have to use an egg. It does look cute with the cracks in it though.
You can just draw this up on card or paper.
I laminated mine for extra durability but also so I could re write and change the number as many times as Miss M liked.
This is a game we can play over and over again!
You will also need
A marker for writing numbers, or some magnetic numbers or other.
Some counters- magnetic if using on a fridge or magnetic board however, they do not need to be magnetic and any objects can be used as counters to play the game.
It can be played on a table top or floor.
How To Play
  • In the top crack of the egg write a number. Make sure it is at an appropriate level for your child. For example, a number that your child can count to confidently using correct one to one correspondence.
  • Place some of your counters in the first crack, but do not equal the top number.
  • Children are required to 'add' the extra counters on the other side to make the total amount of counters equal the number shown.
  • Having the two sides of the egg is important so children have a visual representation of how many ways '5' can look. Etc 1 and 4 or 2 and 3
  • Change the amount of counters in the first crack so children are required to add different amounts of counters on the other side to make the same number.
Children will be able to see how many ways you can make ___  in a very hands on way
1 and 4, 2 and 3, 3 and 2, 4 and 1, 0 and 5 all make 5!
  • Change the top number as often as your child is motivated and interested in the game.
Counting on 5, 6, 7
"I need one more"
So pleased with her achievements!

Playing on the magnetic board!
You don't have to have magnetic counters to play this game.
Here is one young P&LB@H fan who has used playdough to play!!
Roll some playdough balls as your counters and if you have some number cookie cutters you can also make playdough numbers!!
To extend this
  • Have older children use numbers to record how many ways they made the top number. They could either use the magnetic or playdough numbers or if they are able to they could them down.
  • Introduce the mathematical symbols +, = and explain what they mean.
  • Demonstrate how to use numbers and symbols to record the number problems they have solved 2+3=5
  • Use increasingly harder numbers
Play and Learn
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  1. Love this fun learning activity! I'll be featuring this as part of my useful math games roundup. xo Pauline