Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Circles circles everywhere~ Tube painting!

A super fun way to encourage creativity and
develop an understanding of 3 dimensional shapes/ cylinders!
Suitable Ages: approx 2yrs plus

We all have some cylinders of various forms around our house.
Paper towel rolls, postage tubes, piping, tubs etc.
Grab a collection of tubes, of different lengths and sizes.
Trust me the kids will love painting with the big ones!
Choose your paint colours and set them out on trays or plates.
We have done this before with a collection of smaller tubes but today I thought it would be great fun to use some of the bigger tubes that require standing to paint also!

I set this up early in the day and when Miss M came outside I let her go for it, however she wanted to. Interestingly she went from the smallest tube straight to the biggest!

Points to Discuss with your Child
  • What are you painting with?
  • What shape do the tubes make when you stamp with them?
  • What are tubes/ cylinders?
  • Describe the features of the tubes
  • Which tube is the biggest/ smallest?
  • Which tube is the longest/ shortest?
  • Which tube is the easiest/ hardest to paint with and why?
  • Which tube do you like to paint with the best, why
  • Talk about the colours and pictures they are making

Our finished product!
"Look the blue circles are the biggest and the smallest"


Such concentration!
Play and Learn
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