Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Magic Painting ~ Christmas Wrapping Paper

I really love doing magic or surprise painting in my classrooms and my students always really enjoyed it! Not having tried it with Miss M yet I thought we'd give it a go to make some Christmas Wrappin paper seeing as we were making our own this year.

To do magic painting you will need some candles, you could use white crayons also but candles have a special Christmas feel about them!

You can't see what you have drawn or written with the candles.
For the Christmas wrapping paper you could encourage your older children to draw and write christmas themed pictures and wordss.

Depending on the ages of my students we have used this in many ways such as sending each other secret messages and pictures. It's lot's of fun and a great motivational learning tool!

You will need some edicole dye or food colouring mixed with water to paint over the
top of the candle drawings.

Demonstrate for your child how to paint long strokes of the edicole dye over the top revealling the candle markings. Magic!!

Of course your child may have other plans on how they'd like to paint like Miss M. It's wonderful that they have the opportunity to be incontrol and use the resources and equipment you've supplied in their own creative ways. Her candle markings didn't show up quiet aswell as they might have but their was plenty of magic happening regardless!

Her finished product looks fantastic and very magical.
it will make lovely Wrapping paper for some lucky gift reciever.

We will try magic painting again another day!


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