Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Baking Paper Christmas Wrap

This is super fun, simple and a cost effective way to make Christmas wrapping paper that your children will enjoy doing .
This idea is great for wrapping your smaller sized gifts.

You will need some baking paper / waxed paper.
I purchased some of the cheapest no name branded baking paper from the super market.

To start you will need to roll out some of the baking paper.

You will need some tissue paper.
Cut out whatever shapes you like in whatever colours you like.
As we are making Christmas wrapping paper we used red and green stars.
You could use hearts, Christmas trees, snowflakes etc.

You will also need some watered down PVA glue and
a brush for spreading the glue.

Spread the glue all over the baking paper and
let your child arrange the shapes on to the baking paper.

Once the shapes have been stuck down it is a good idea to put another layer of glue on top to help the top layer of baking stick down.

Now roll a new layer of baking paper over the top so you end up with double layer.

The result is a lovely transparent affect!


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