Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mash Potato dough / rusks


Watching the H man looking inquisitively at Miss M playing play dough and giving me those eyes that just shouted out
"I want to do it too Mum,"
I was inspired to make him his own, baby friendly, safe
play dough!
Ages: 6months - 2yrs
I made the dough using mash potatoes.
Prepare for your baby so that it is safe for them to eat.
I steamed a couple of potatoes and mashed them with water and nuttelex for H man,
although you could mash the potatoes with your child's drinking milk (breast milk, formula or whatever milk your child usually drinks)etc.
I then added a very little amount of plain flour to make it a little firmer. Less than 1/4 cup
You do not need to do this step, however H man had eaten mash potato before (and played with it) so I wanted a slightly different texture.
The picture above is of the dough I used to make the rusks and not the dough I gave him to play with.
I added less flour to the dough I gave him to play/eat than in this picture.
I simply gave it to him and let him play and eat...
... and drop it on the floor!
You could encourage your little one to sqeeze, roll, pat, squash, pick up and pinch their dough.

Your baby is learning

  • about their senses and exploring these, touch/texture, sight, smell and taste
  • developing tiny muscles in their hands and arms which will strengthen their fine motor skills
  • hand eye coordination
  • creativity
I used some of the dough to make
homemade teething rusks.
I added more flour. I didn't measure I just added till I was able to roll it out.
You could add other vegies to change the flavour!
Simply roll out and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.
Slow bake in 150 degrees or less for 30min
till brown and hard
Gingerbread men shapes are perfect for little hands to hold and chew.
Please note~ they are very hard. H man chewed, sucked and gnawed on his for awhile before getting bored with it. He did not manage to bite off any chunks or pieces, however your child may, so always supervise.
Always Supervise your baby when they are eating in case of choking.
Play and Learn,

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