Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Busy Buzy Bees

Recently Miss M was stung by a bee for the first time!
(luckily no reaction this time)
This was followed by myself stepping on and getting stung by a bee! You could say we have quiet a few bees around at the moment!
For this reason, bees have been a source of interest and we have had many discussions and chats about them.
This interest has been the motivation for some cute little activities we have been busy with and I thought I would share them with you.

Handprint Bees

You'll need some yellow and black poster paint and a paint brush for each colour.
Paint the yellow and black paint in stripes on your child's hand and take a print. Press hand down firmly on a piece of white paper or card!
Once dry, cut out and add a circle for the head with some eye's and antenna. Add some wings, transparent paper looks great!
Here is another bee we had made earlier using marble rolling. I'll link marble rolling up when I post it.

Bubblewrap Print Bee hive

You will need some bubblewrap, some card for printing, paint and paint brush rollers!
I had 3 different sized bubble wraps so decided to use some of each so we could investigate size and see the difference!
Have your child roll on the paint.
Encourage them to cover the entire area.
Then turn it over and press firmly onto your card/paper. Make sure to pat down over the entire area.
Pull up the bubble wrap and check out the spotty pattern it has left!
Once you have covered your paper in bubble print leave to dry. When it is dry, draw on a large bee hive.
Miss M and I looked up pictures of beehives on the Internet. We talked about this is where the bees live and how they make their hive and why they make it like they do for making honey.
We also went on a search for a beehive in our yard, but didn't find one.
Then she glued on some bees to her hive. We used small wooden sticky ones however you could get your child to draw them or make them from sticky dots- see below!

Sticky Dot Bugs- Garden Picture

We used sticky dots to make bees and other bugs in this garden picture. We worked together, me modelling and Miss M telling my the story she was creating with this scene.

Singing- Here is the beehive

This is one of our favourite finger rhymes!
Have your child interlock their fingers.
The rhyme goes
Here is the bee hive,
where are the bees?
Hiding away where nobody sees!
Watch and you'll see them come out!
Count and release one finger at a time-
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 buzz buzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Wriggle and fly your fingers around
And catch them!

Honey Joys

We talked about how bees make honey and watched a little video on youtube.
We watched bees buzzing around our flowers, collecting the nectar!
Then we made our own flowers and added glitter nectar!
We played with and investigated honey and used our senses- touch, taste, smell, sight
We then used the honey to make one of our favourite treats- honey joys!!
We had lot's of fun playing, discovering, investigating and learning about bees!
Play and Learn

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