Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fine Motor~ Playdough Beads and Pipecleaners

After seeing this on one of my favourite blogs Learn with Play at Home I just had to set up this invitation to play up for Miss M.

Miss M has been reluctant to thread in the past. She would get easily frustrated and can give up easily. I have tried numerous threading tasks including threading pasta onto pipecleaners. Pipecleaners are great for introducing threading as they 'poke' through more easily than your other threading materials such as silly string and wool etc.
I thought this would be an ideal activity to encourage threading through play!
Threading is such a wonderful task for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Miss M was just turned 3yr's old and would recommend this one for 3+ with supervision.

I provided the playdough, pipecleaners and beads.
I decided to add some of our large wooden beads also.
I wanted to encourage threading and knew the larger beads would be a 'safer' option for her. I wanted her to gain confidence and master the skill before progressing on to the more difficult, smaller pony beads. 
The play began!
She liked pushing the smaller beads into the dough.
The bigger beads left great imprints in the dough.
And look! We have some threading!
Concentrating hard!
How creative!
This was so much fun that we will be playing again.
Next time we may even attempt to thread the smaller pony beads!!!
Warning: Always supervise young children when using small objects and choking hazards like pony beads.
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  1. I love this idea. Looks like a whole lot of fun and allows children to be really creative.