Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Drawing Underneath!

Doesn't this look like fun?!
I can't imagine too many little ones who wouldn't want to have a go at this fun activity.
The best bit is, this simple idea is great for strengthening the large muscles of the upper arm and shoulders which are essential for fine motor movements.
What a motivational way to get hesitant or even not so hesitant mark makers developing and strengthening those essential muscles.
Children of all ages will really enjoy this!

You will need
A low table, bench or similar.
Make sure it is not too high and that your child can easily reach when laying down on their backs.
Pens, textas, pencils, crayons etc.
Paper, taped under the table.
Cushions or something cosy and inviting for children to lay whilst creating their masterpieces!

Be sure to have plenty of paper and tape as they will likely want to draw and draw and draw!
Children will love doing this solo, in pairs and in groups!
I would often have small groups working together on a drawing in my classroom. The conversations were brilliant and it was a great way of motivating children to work together!
This is something we come back to every now and then, changing it up with different writing implements.
I hope you enjoy,
Play and Learn
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