Tuesday, 27 May 2014

From slime to foam ~ a sensory play experience

It's been such wintry rainy weather here lately and it's also been a little while since we've done some really messy sensory play so I thought it was about time we got really messy.
I had no expectations with this one except for lots of fun and to hopefully encourage some words (always language)! 
I had a full bottle of baby shampoo that I just wasn't going to use as shampoo so decided instead of wasting it we could have some fun turning it into slime! 

We started by just mixing it straight with cornflour to make a goopy slime. It worked much the same as when you make slime, goop with cornflour and water yet it was very sticky. A fun texture to pull, poke, stretch and slide around. It did stick to everything though.
This had the added bonus of encouraging Hman to use two hands together.

I noticed that my curious cherubs were starting to have more fun squeezing out more and more shampoo into the mixture, making it more and more wet and slimy and I could see it start to bubble up. That's when I wondered, 'I wonder what would happen if we added some water?' I suggested this provocation and they decided they wanted to test it out!!

 It immediately started foaming up. The more their little hands worked, the foamier it got! Miss M asked for a hand beater to help her 'make it fluffy'. It created the most silky, soft, light foamy substance it was a delight to play with. I could of happily jumped into a giant bath tub full of it. It smelt like a beautiful newborn too which was a huge bonus!! '
This was pure fun. Totally engaging and hands on for the kids and went in their own direction. It was so wonderful to see Hman embracing these textures and happily getting messy. It's taken awhile to get him to this point.
They did make a mess but it was super easy to clean up and they were more than happy to help! They love being helpful and doing 'grown up' tasks.
Always supervise young children when playing with water and wet materials.
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