Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cardboard tube and strip sculpture - Invitation

I set up this little invitation for Miss M (3yo) to create at her wish.
It was so simple to set up and can be done with every day household items.
Your children will love it to!
Learning Opportunities
Fine motor development
Exploring the three dimensional form of tubes
Space and Shape

You will need
cardboard tubes of various lengths and sizes. (You can cut to size)
cardboard strips

provide scissors and tape
(I pre cut some pvc tape as it is thicker and easier for little fingers to manage)
Miss M got frustrated initially with the tape...


so she asked for some glue.

She gained more confident with the glue and was happy to continue constructing.
She even went back to the tape and was less frustrated.

Her sculpture took many forms as she created and 'played' with the tubes and strips but she eventually completed her sculpture!
"It's a race track and cars!"
I love it!
Play and Learn

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  1. What a simple yet fantastic idea. I love that she went back to the tape