Friday, 25 January 2013

Exciting News!

We are so excited that our gorgeous family is growing and by
August this year we will be a family of 5!!

We couldn't be happier!

However, I have suffered from morning sickness with a vengeance for the past 7 weeks! I've been so sick that I've spent a very large portion of that time in the bathroom!! Even looking at the computer screen would have me running to the closest sink, toilet bucket whatever! Add to that the first trimester fog and two very young children and my only goal was to get myself and my kids through the day. Thankfully, I've got some amazing friends and family who have helped me out! I really appreciate everything they have done to help and it may seem little and insignificant to them but I can tell you having food and groceries delivered, my dishes washed and washing hung out was a lifesaver to me!
This has meant that I have been absent from my much loved blog and facebook page!

But I am slowly having moments where I am feeling better and hey, I've typed this without being sick so far, so fingers crossed I'll be back up and blogging soon! I have over 4 Christmas related blog posts that I couldn't manage not to mention the rest of the 7 weeks worth! I have alot of catching up to do. I'm expecting exhaustion will keep my blogging to a minimum over this year as family and my health and well being will always come first, but I'm sure you will all understand!

Our newest little addition!

How amazing are the scans during pregnancy!
No amount of morning sickness could wipe the smile off my face!!

We are an incredibly blessed family!

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