Monday, 3 February 2014

Shaving Foam Fun

Recently we have been doing lots of sensory explorations at home involving getting our hands mucky! This is because recently I've noticed Hman has been reluctant to play in sand and mud and has started wanting his hands wiped whenever he gets food on them when eating of paint on them when painting. Which is fine, some kids are just more sensitive to these textures I was just curious how far this went with him and what it took to get him to get his hands MUCKY lol!!
We had success with him and the water beads, playdough and rice however slime wasn't so successful and since this foam has a similar texture I was interested to see if he would be tempted.
For this activity we used shaving foam. It has a delightful, light fluffy, smooth sensation. It also has an odour making this a great activity for exploring the sense of touch, smell and sight. Children are more involved in their learning when more of their senses are stimulated making experiences like this so rich and valuable.
AGE: with supervision 12months plus

We squirted the foam into a tray. Hman (2) didn't have the strength to press the nozzle, however Miss M (4) did and enjoyed squirting it out and watching it foam up!
To be honest I choose this particular sensory experience as we had a number syringes that we had finally finished with after they had their grommets in and Miss M had her tonsils out!

Oh how she loved using the syringes!
I was so relieved we finally had another use for them other than all the medicine I've been giving out the past week.
Great fine motor control at work

Miss M was able to do this independently.
Hman required assistance and enjoyed using the dropper more as he was able to control that better.

Once they had added all the colour they decided it was time to mix!
Lot's of observation and discussion happening on what they could see happening with the colours.

We took some prints of our patterns by placing paper over the foam and patting down.

We got to this point with relatively clean hands.
Surprisingly the kids hadn't been tempted to touch.
Miss M had far too much enjoyment using the syringes!

But she didn't need any encouragement.
the first thing she said was "it feels gloopy!'
This activity is great for language development and new vocabulary. Be sure to create opportunities to talk through careful questioning and listening to your child and taking their lead. Model new vocabulary such as slimy, gloopy, fluffy etc.
Always supervise your child when playing with shaving foam.
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