Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fun Feet Painting

We love painting and are always looking for fun ways to get messy!

Painting with our feet has always been a hit, however, my main motive for doing it today was to see if Hman would give it a go! Recently he has become quite reluctant to get anything 'messy' on his hands! I wondered if this sensory issue was the same for his feet.
The feeling of paint squelching between your toes is really something!! 

Taking footprints is a great way of recording your children's growth,
we know how quickly that happens!
 I particularly like to record those first precious, wobbly sailor steps.
It's a great memory to look back on and will definitely make you smile.
There's something incredibly special about those first steps.

This activity however, is suitable for any age from those first precious steps upwards.

I set up using long strips of butchers paper cut from a roll of paper from IKEA. Tubs for the paint at one end and a tub of water and a towel at the other end. This is so children can step directly in and wash their feet. It's absolutely not necessary.  

Surprisingly he stepped straight in the paint!! He went back over and over again so this was a success. Children may need to hold your hand as they step in because it's quite slippery! They step in the paint, make sure their feet are all covered then walk across the paper.

Of course they don't just have to walk.
Ask your children to think of as many ways as they can to leave different foot prints?
We tried, tip toes, skipping, jumping and hopping.

They may even like to use their footprints to make a picture!


The children requested some more colours!

Such a gorgeous effect!
I plan to frame some, I think it will look lovely!

A great fun way to remember those precious little footsies!!

Of course the children took it further and Miss M was covered from head to tie in paint. Hman used a brush, I though he may be getting close to putting his hands in!!


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