Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Plastic Easter Egg Games

These plastic Easter Eggs are everywhere at the shops. They are cheap and colourful, they can open and can be used for a wide range of play based learning opportunities.
I purchased these eggs last year from my local $2 shop and we played many games then when Miss M was just 2 and I had not yet started blogging!
Some of the games I remember playing back then with her were
  • simple colour sorting
  • hide n seek games
  • Tongs and egg carton play for fine motor
  • sensory tub
  • Alphabet match up
(where I wrote the capital letter on one half of the egg and the lower case on the other half)

This year I thought it would be great to focus on numbers.
Miss M is very capable with numbers 0-12 so we used numbers 11-22 however you could play this game with any combination of numbers depending on the ability level of your child.
Suitable Ages: Can be adapted to suit ages 2-8yrs
To Prepare:
  • Write selected numbers onto the bottom of an egg carton as shown in above picture
  • Write corresponding numbers in permanent marker onto the plastic eggs as shown in the picture below. Make sure you do one egg per number.

To Play:
  • Hide the plastic eggs. This can be done inside or outside. Don't make them too tricky to find as little kids can get easily frustrated.
  • Give your child the egg carton with the numbers inside and tell them they need to find an egg with the matching number for each of the spaces in the carton.
  • During the hunt the children find the numbers and put each egg into it's matching space in the egg carton. Be sure to get your child to tell you the number on each egg
  • This game can be played in pairs or individually. It can also be done with a large group if they all have their own set of eggs to find and egg carton.

Change the game by playing it with these different ideas
  • letters
  • colours- put diff colours at the bottom of the egg carton
  • Shapes

Miss M and her little friend had a great time finding all the numbered eggs!
"I found 17" "I found 11"

They wanted the eggs hidden over and over again both inside and out!
In the end they were hiding the eggs for each other to find!
It wasn't long till they were both very confident with their number recognition of these numbers!
This made for a great play date game however, I can see Miss M wanting to play this lots over the Easter long weekend!
We hope you and your families have a lovely time celebrating Easter with your families!
Play and Learn,

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  1. I have a question here, how did you get the permanent ink stay on the plastic eggs because I tried writing on the plastic eggs with a permanent marker and the numbers and letters kept coming off.