Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fun in the Tub ~ Bath Play

The bath tub makes for an excellent art canvas!
All that white shiny surface that little fingers just love to cover; creating, decorating and experimenting as they go!
Painting in the bath is one of the most favourite activities in our house.
Usually I'm too busy getting in on the fun to take photos, but this one particular day the colours were too vivid and delightful I couldn't resist the urge.
I must admit that Miss M and H man spent alot of time playing in the bath tub this summer. With baby number 3 on board my morning sickness was really bad and playing in the bath was a great solution for us,
1. It was very hot this Summer and the bathroom is very cool and the bath tub is a great place to cool off.
2. It was great for both ages and they both could 'play' together!
3. Playing in the bath is a great distraction when kids get a little fussy and especially if they are frustrated and cannot get outside to play in very hot weather.
4. The bath tub is right next to the toilet where I was spending alot of my time anyway. I could supervise whilst... well you know what! So glad that has passed now!!

And we are lucky to have a lovely big spa bath in our en suite!

There are many recipes you can use for painting the bath.

Here are my faves

  1. Shaving Cream:  2yrs plus- simply mix shaving foam with food colouring in small pots or containers and you are set. This is definitely the easiest.
  2. Lux soap flakes: 2yrs plus- dissolve approx 1 cup lux soap flakes in some hot water, add small amounts of cool water at a time and beat till fluffy. Divide into small pots or containers and add food colouring.
  3. Baby wash paint:  2yrs plus- Add a little cornflour into baby wash till desired consistency and add food colouring.
  4. Baby safe finger paint: 6months plus- Mix in a saucepan over medium heat 3/4 cup cornflour and 6 tablespoons of sugar, slowly add up to 4.5 cups of water depending on consistency. It'll go nice a gloopy. Add desired food colouring.
  5. Goop:  6months plus- much quicker and easier and our preferred option on the day due to the H man's likely attempt to eat it. Mix 2-3 cups of cornflour with small amounts of water till you get an unusual consistency. It'll feel hard but when you pick it up it will drip through your fingers.
Be sure to choose an age appropriate recipe as younger children have a natural tendency to place their fingers in their mouth. This is why we went with option 5, completely safe if not a bit bland for H man to taste.

Be sure to spot test a patch of your grout before trying this to make sure colours will wash away- if painting onto tiles. I have found that as long as I wash it off immediately after I don't have any troubles with staining.

(Doing some painting in the shower- make sure you grout test first in case) 

Let the fun begin

Goop is such a fun texture to explore anywhere but the possibilities really open up in the bath!

Try painting and learning body part names!

Colour Mixing!

You may wish to put the plug in lol!

I can assure you my kids were covered from head to toe and looked very impressive.
They were entertained for at least 2 hours with clean up time.

The best bit is clean up is so easy and lots of fun too!!

Play and Learn



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