Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hands on Learning while making Scones

Not many kids will ever turn down an opportunity to cook. Not only does it satisfy their naturally inquisitive natures it generally gives them some quality 'together' time filling up those emotional tanks, plus it usually means something YUMMY to eat!!
Parents and educators love cooking tasks with children as there are so many
 opportunities to learn.
I love cooking scones with kids. I find it is a great recipe to do with young children as there isn't too many ingredients or steps and it lets them get really hands in!!
Learning Opportunities
Language- labelling objects and actions, following instructions, retell
Maths- measuring, counting, number recognition, shape
Science- observation skills, recognition of the senses
Fine motor Development
Social - turn taking, sharing
Suitable Ages
The recipe I used for these scones I found here at Taste.com and I simply displayed it on the Ipad for Hman and Miss M to see.
To start with we measured out and counted 3 cups of self raising flour.

Little fingers getting a workout rubbing the flour and butter together. This takes awhile so my two were very happy to give each other turns.
All you need to do next is measure out the milk and add it.

More hands on fun kneading the dough and rolling it out. My 2yo needed some help with this while Miss 4 was quite independent.

Cutting out circles. Lining them up and counting them. Hman was able to observe big sis get this right and it's just so precious watching him copy her. She is a brilliant teacher!!
We popped them on a tray and put them in the oven to cook.

20 minutes later we had yummy delicious warm morning tea!
Spreading the jam themselves was also lots of fun!

Always supervise children when using an oven
Play and Learn

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