Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Peg colour matching game

This simple and spontaneous game came about from the H man's love of playing with my pegs. I love to use different objects for learning and children love to explore new and unfamiliar objects.
Miss M loves to help hang out the washing using the pegs however H man, at 19 months has not yet got the strength and coordination for that task and instead loves pulling them out of their container and putting them back in.
Adding in his interest in colours at the moment seemed like a perfect addition to this game!

It's amazing how they figure out what to do without any prompting from adults.
I left out a group of pegs and the matching coloured cups from the cup stacker set and he instantly set about sorting the pegs into their matching colours!
He is also developing his hand eye coordination!

Older children will be able to 'peg' the pegs onto the sides of the coloured containers for fine motor practice. Miss M, 3yo had a go at this!
H man really wanted to do it this way and did get a little frustrated that he couldn't work it out.
SAFETY WARNING: Never leave your child unattended with pegs. Pegs may contain small parts which can be a choking hazard.

Perhaps the best thing about this little game was it quick and easy and can be done over as many times as your child is engaged.
Didn't take long for H man to spread the pegs everywhere and enjoying running over them with his push along ride on, enjoying the bumpy sensation they created.
This game he did do over and over and over and over and over again lol.
Gotta love boys!!
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