Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Baby Percussion

We all know right from an early age babies and young children love to make things... anything make noise and usually lots of it!!

Recently we've been investigating how we can make music with many household items and here I'd like to share with you our fun homemade and simple to do baby percussion!

Suitable ages: can be adapted to suit all ages from approx 10months.

Learning skills: cause and effect, gross and fine motor development, listening skills, rhythm and beat awareness

To set up you will need some pots and pans, mixing bowls (both plastic and metal), cake tins and muffin pans also work well. You will also need something to use as drumsticks like wooden spoons.

Miss M 3 thoroughly enjoyed helping me set up this little activity so be sure to get your older toddlers to help by asking them to pick items they think will make good drums and have a good sound.

The fun begins!

Miss M ended up moving all the 'drums' closer together so she could reach them all! She delighted and totally let her inner 'drummer' out!!

Don't forget to extend the learning and bring in new language by asking questions and providing opportunities to explore further.

Open ended questions
  • Which drum makes the loudest, softest, funniest sound sound?
  • Can you play them louder, softer?
  • Can you play them faster or slower?
  • Wow that was an interesting sound, how would you describe it?
  • Why do you think the different 'drums' make different sounds?
  • Do you think it would sound differently if you hit it in a different spot? Where else could you hit it? Try hitting the sides.
  • Why do you think it sounds differently?
  • Which 'drum' do you like the best and why?
Depending on the age, ability and interest of your child you could try,
  • clapping a beat and get them to play along with you
  • play along to some music

Then it was the H man's turn!

No matter how many times I handed him the wooden spoons he wasn't interested. He would throw them away, far more interested in the bowls!!

Even with big sis demonstrating so well!

He did like to play...

... Peekaboo!

And he did find the bowls that were easy to push along the floor and...


We'll play again another time and see where it takes us then lol!

Play and Learn


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