Monday, 29 October 2012

Toddler teach baby animals!

My almost 3yrold and 1yrold are beginning to interact together alot more lately and it's delighful to watch. They love to spin around on the rocker together, roll balls together, my 3 yrold loves to read him stories, although he tries to steal the book to eat!
Pretty much anything Miss M does is immensly entertaing and joyful for the H man!
This makes her a wonderful teacher for him as whatever she does he wants to do also.
On this day she was teaching him all about animals!
Age: 6months - 6yrs
We used some animal picture cards.
These ones have photos so a great representation of the animals.
Here you can find some Printable animal pictures!
We also used some plastic animal as I knew H man would want to chew on something and have something to hold!
Miss M then set about matching the toy animals to their photo card, while H man busily chewed on some more animals!
Then it was time to share with H man.
"Here Harrison, this is a cow, it says MOOOOOO"
"The cow lives at the farm with the farmer who makes milk from the cow, MOOOOO"
Here's the Lion
"The lion goes ROAAAARRR!"
"The elephant goes brhhhhhh"
Wow that looks like fun!
This game is so much fun!!
This game was alot of fun for both ages!
It gave my toddler the opportunity to gain confidence and feel great that she could teach her little brother so much.
It helped consolidate her knowledge and was great for her oral language!
This game was very amusing and fun for the H man!
Alternative: You can still do this activity with just one child. If your children are older they could take it turns 'teaching/speaking' to each other and telling everything they know about an animal. One is the speaker and the other the listener!
We finished by singing songs about animals and making songs up too!
I hope you enjoy,
play and learn

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