Wednesday 30 January 2013

Baby sensory crawl obstacle course~ indoors

H Man quickly became a very efficient crawler. To be honest quick is an understatement. Of all the babies I have ever met I have never met one who can crawl as fast as this little man. Everyone comments on it!!! He is speedy...

...and after more challenges!!

Suitable Ages: You can modify this to suit all crawlers.
My little man was just 11 months old in these pics.

Learning Skills: Gross motor development, physical awareness, cognitive and classification skills, exploration and discovery of the senses

Equipment: It is simple to set up an obstacle course for your baby using household items.

Please make sure to consider the development level of your crawler and provides challenges that also allow for success. Don't make it impossible for your baby to achieve on their own.

This is how I did it, with Miss M's help of course!

A long cardboard box as a tunnel for your baby to crawl through.
I attached some ribbons to the exit after this pic was taken.

You could use a store bought tunnel if you have one.

Use some different textured materials for your bubba to navigate and crawl over. This is a shower curtain made from thick plastic.

Some large cushions from a couch or a beanbag to climb over.

Some babies are very good at climbing so you may like to make it extra challenging for them. They can also progress very quickly, a week after this and he was climbing onto furniture!

I made another crawl through using two stools draped in fabric with a soft fluffy blanket on the floor.

The coloured balls were to entice him through the obstacle course. Balls are his favourite toy so perhaps you can use something your child is particularly fond of to entice them through challenging parts of the obstacle course!

H Man was really good at pulling himself to standing on furniture but had not yet progressed to cruising around furniture so I Incorporated the ottoman as an obstacle to hopefully encourage this.
The end of the course was the mini pool full of soft toys!

Let the discovery begin!

He found his own way through lol!

Funny his reaction to this texture! He wouldn't crawl but adopted the bear walk! Same way he travels across lawn!

He actually stopped to play with the balls for quiet awhile!

Wow, this is exciting and fun!
Can you spot Miss M in the background?

Pulled himself up onto the smaller nappy box!

Here he goes at pulling himself up onto the ottoman!
Laughing froggie was a great encouragement!

Oooooh what's over there Mum?
Looks like fun!!!

So much for cruising the ottoman! Crawling is waaayyy faster!!!

Going for his prize!

Got it!

Remember to:
  • Speak constantly to your baby about what they are doing, seeing, feeling and experiencing. Be their words and give the language to the experience!
  • Give lots and lots of praise and verbal reinforcement when they overcome challenges.
  • Let them lead the play and do only what they feel comfortable and safe with.
  • Make sure baby is rested, fed and happy before attempting this experience.

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Stay tuned for sensory crawl obstacle course ~ outdoors  for a whole new sensory experience!

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  1. That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I'd love it myself (hehe). Great work. So wonderful to encourage children to explore and feel different textures.

  2. And doesn't he look so pleased with himself. So much fun when kids start crawling about.

  3. And I bet he did it again and again :)

  4. I remember these days (my boys are now 4 & 6).
    We affectionately call my 2nd born 'Pipi'. But like H Man, he was a VERY fast crawler. He was quickly dubbed 'Zippy' *smirk*

  5. Katey, this such a great post. I love how you set up a sensory and gross motor school play centre in your house. I wish I was as creative when m girls were young!

  6. I love how no matter what age they are they will always find their own way of doing things! I found this with mine right from the start, too :)

  7. Great idea, So much fun and sensory exploration at the same time.

  8. Look at him go, he looks like he is having so much fun.

  9. Awww...look at his little face...he is having so much fun! Lovely idea to use again and again!

  10. This makes me wish I was a baby and could have a turn too! What an adventure! Pinned it :)

  11. This is so cute and what a fun way to explore :-)

  12. So wonderful. I think Ike is going to be an early crawler too. Must bookmark this post.

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  17. What a fabulous playground for babies! Love love love this. I'll be featuring this as part of my baby play roundup this week Katey. xo Pauline

  18. Thank you for sharing! I'm looking for fun things for my son to crawl on - would you tell me what the blue/green round tub you have in the last pictures are? I think it would be fun to find one and fill with soft toys! Thanks!

  19. Hi Katy,

    I'd like to feature this in my story for Red Tricycle, but I need higher resolution images. Would you be able to send me an original, perhaps the fourth one in the post? Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon.